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Frank's Story...

Prior to colon cancer I had no symptoms. I ran 20-40 miles a week. I had colon cancer in 1989 w/a permanent colostomy. I had three weeks (20 bags per week over a three month period) of chemotherapy that included 5FU and interferon and six weeks of radiation to the site. The most notable side effects were being unable to continue to run, lack of energy, skin degradation.

By 1995 I was taking antidepressants and seeing a psychiatrist for depression. No medications worked. I also went to a rheumatologist for osteoarthritis.

In 1999 frustrated by my lack of progress I went to an internist and was asked to be referred to an endocrinologist for a series of test. I had low testosterone and hypothyroidism. I was given testosterone (injections biweekly) and synthroid and then taken off antidepressants. This regimen completely changed my life and I improved overall functioning tremendously.

However, I continue to have the following symptoms; pear shape and unable to lose weight (my weight in 1979 was 175, now 220), rounded face with occasional redness and swelling, thin arms, severe fatigue after exercise, difficulty in exercising regularly, weak muscles, borderline high blood pressure lower back/hips weakness and faster than normal heart rate. These symptoms are consistent w/cortisol overproduction.

Is there anywhere/thing (condition) else I should look into and what medical discipline would be most appropriate to further examine these problems? I have had to fight at every turn. I am almost desperare please give me some feedback.

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