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Books on Infertility

Many helpful books are prohibitively expensive, so you may want to check them out of the library, if possible. I found these from interesting.




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If you know of any good books that I've left out from this list, please let me know.

The Fertility Sourcebook
by Sara Rosenthal, M. Rosenthal, Masood A. Khatamee, M. S. Rosenthal MS, Masood A. Khatamee MD

From Booklist

Written for couples, Rosenthal's step-by-step resource covers planning conception, lifestyle habits that may interfere with conception, the investigation of fertility, causes of infertility and current treatments for it, assisted reproductive techniques, pregnancy loss, and alternatives to childbearing. Rosenthal balances scientific data and interpersonal issues in a warm, supportive presentation that demonstrates concern for the whole person. Particularly valuable in that respect is the chapter on alternatives, in which Rosenthal regards stopping infertility treatment, pursuing adoption, and adapting to child-free living alike as successful outcomes. Another of the guide's fine features is its practical, how-to approach to specific techniques of fertility testing and treatment. - Kathryn Carpenter

Read a portion of this book.

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