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FerolV's Story...

I started noticing irregular symptoms in my late 20's, but more developed since 2001, and rapidly more chronic as time went by.

Finally at my March 2005 physical, I had enough symptoms listed for my GP to start getting the connection to Cushings. I was immediately referred to Dr. Adam Spitz, endocrinologist, with a battery of tests confirmed the initial diagnoses. MRI confirmed the tumor involvement and surgery was performed 09-30-05.

I have lost 30+ pounds after reaching a high of 190 prior to surgery (lifetime avg was 135-140). I still have a diabetic condition and BP being regulated by meds.

I saw the special on DISCOVERY Health, and do sincerely appreciate the exposure.

Update February 3, 2007

I am now about 1 1/2 years post-surgery and have stabilized at 40 pounds lost. I really would like to loose another 10-15 punds, but I am NOT going to get worried over it. I look and feel so much better than I did pre-surgery. I am now facing the regular aging issues, i.e. skeletal soft tissue degeneration, not knowing how much, if any, these conditions may have been exaggerated by the Cushings in the 15 or so years before.

My menstrual is regular since surgery at a 3.5 week interval, rather than the usual 4 week interval I had pre-symptom. I am considering talking to my docs about some kind of regulation aid (the pill), or removal. Frequently the period gets a little severe for a couple of days. I have to carry several spares with me.

Pre-surgery I had to get a special pair of shoes, triple wide. With the weight gain, I was cramping my feet into regular shoes and pinched the central nerve in both feet. I got a new pair a couple of weeks ago, just a regular wide, which is usual for me. I still have that scar tissue around the pinched nerve, but I can live with that.

I would love to support anyone else in the Charlotte NC area. E-mail pal or whatever...

Update January 30, 2008

2+ years post surgery, I am holding at the same weight as prior entry, but the water weight has all dropped off. My face and extremities are so much more comfortable.

I went to see an OB-GYN to get the female troubles under control, and since last April (Easter week 2007) I have been on Loestrin24. This has been a BLESSING! I will soon stop taking the pill for a 2 month interval, prior to my next appointment with the OB-GYN, to see how my system will self-regulate. My GP and Endo weren't too keen on the idea, but THEY didn't have to DEAL with it. I went in to the GYN with the idea of having my uterus removed, but the alternative has been much improved.

Just listened to the 1st broadcast. I'll certainly tune in again in the future!

FerolV was the subject of a Live Interview in the Cushing's Help Voice Chat / Podcast series on May 8, 7:30PM. Archives are available.

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