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Esther's Story

I stumbled across this site because I am looking for information about my condition. After having symptoms of stomach bloating, along with other symptoms such as occasional swelling of the face, headaches, fatique, weight gain (especially in the stomach), occasional rash on face I went to a doctor who ordered a CT scan of the abdomin. The diagnosis was small lesions in the adrenal glands. There is one in each gland under 3cm.

I then had blood work, and a 24 hour urine study. The report from that was that my cortisol level was high. (162 I believe)

I then had a test which included taking Decadron which supressed the adrenal function and made the cortisol level go down. The doctor told me that this test ruled our Cushing syndrom. He then ordered an MRI and the radiologist reported that the lesions appear to be benign and have no supicious areas around them. My doctor now feels like we should wait 4 months and repeat the CT scan to see if the lesions are chaning.

I am very concerned because I don't understand why I have these symptoms (Possibly cushings). Also, I concerned about waiting 4 months to see if these lesions are chaning. What do you think and do you think I should get a second opinion?

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