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Erica's Story...

okay Ill try to make this quick

almost a year ago i started shaking and having tremors I couldnt handle stress at all and have not since first

in november I was having chest pains and felt i was out of breath and was starting to swell I finally went to the doctor after my mom told me i looked like I was getting bigger as she was looking at me I went to the doctor and he told me to go to the emergency room immediatly because he thought there was something wrong with my heart because of my symptoms and the pitted edema in my legs. I actually weighed myself 4 days before and weighed 125 lbs and in the four days gained 30 lb and was 156 (IN FOUR DAYS) finally when I went to the hospital they ran every test they could think of and told me basically I was full of it and sent me home so I went on home and felt a little better after a couple days of bed rest then

in feburary I had another spell and in 2 weeks gained 40 lbs I seen another doctor and he told me that something was really wrong because he had weighed me not only 3 week before and had put on 40 lbs which he said in exact word were was not possible and I was in trouble !

So by now I have stretch marks everywhere and I mean everywhere I have to sleep 12 hours to feel rested I get sick and throw up especially at night I am weak and tired all the time I have swelling in my hands and feet my knees give out from the weight I shake and have muscle weakness and pains all over and a fat pack on my neck whick my head can rest on and is painful . My physician looked at me by now I have seen her numerous times with the same symptoms which she trys to tell me is depression and Im not an idiot so i havent excepted but finally she suggested maybe cushings but took my blood and said my cortisol levels were normal but Ive since learned that if your episodic then you would have to have an episode to have high results so I think that this is not important and plenty of people have tests come back normal

I have gianed 80 lbs almost in these past 9 monthes and need some advise bad does

it sound like i have cushings or am i on the wrong path does anybody know a doctor in MI thats a cushing expert or what this a nightmare i wont even go see friends i grew up with because im afraid what there gonna think how do i cope with this please someone talk to me PLEASE HELP ME!

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