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by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, California

Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine glands, the hormones they secret, and the effect those hormones have on the body. Endocrine glands are those organs of the body which secrete substances directly into the blood to be circulated throughout the body which regulate and modulate the activities of other organs. Doctors who practice endocrinology treat disorders of the endocrine system.

Traditional endocrinologists practice a drug oriented style of endocrinology, replacing natural hormones with synthetic or animal derived preparations of hormones unlike those found in the human body. The down sides of this practice are the side-effects produced and in some cases the increased incidence of cancer with use of these agents.

Hormones which are natural to the body are said to be "orthomolecular." This means that their molecular structures are identical to those produced by the body. With few exceptions, most doctors who prescribe orthomolecular human hormones instead of synthetic substitutes practice some combination of nutritional medicine and anti-aging medicine. Conservative endocrinologists do not subscribe to the point of view that it is worthwhile to restore hormone levels in older people to youthful levels, regardless of what the positive effects may be. Their buzz words are "You are just getting old. You have to learn to live with it." Therefore you must choose your doctor carefully and in alignment with the objectives you want to achieve.

It can be said with certainty that no damage can be done to a human being by restoring hormones to those normal levels enjoyed by young people. Levels consistent with ages 25-30 are generally accepted as ideal by doctors who practice anti-aging medicine. We believe there is a reason young people feel better than old people and that one of the major contributing factors is hormone level. Falling hormone levels are part and parcel of aging. No-one who lives to old age escapes this fate. The decline typically begins in the 30s. However, now this situation is correctable.

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