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Endo and Health News, 2004

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For purposes of this list the year 2007 started with the April 18, 2007 newsletter. For New Items prior to that newsletter, please see the News Items and Research Forum of the message boards

Type Subject Date


Coffee is believed to elevate cortisol to unhealthy levels which causes premature aging FitCommerce 11/3/2004


DHEA Replacement May Be Beneficial for Hypoadrenal Women Medscape 12/1/2004
Hormone Offsets Harmful Effects of Aging Ivanhoe 12/1/2004


Scientists Generate Human Islet Precursor Cells In Culture From Cadaveric Insulin-Producing Cells NIH 12/1/2004
Low Testosterone Seen Common in Diabetic Men Reuters 11/29/2004
Inhaled Insulin as Effective as Injection Yahoo 10/27/2004


Against all odds: The story of a miracleA Cushing's woman gives birth Selma Times-Journal 12/31/2004
Ferring Introduces Bravelle(R) With First Needle-Free Reconstitution Device
Q-Cap(TM) Previewed at Annual ASRM Meeting
PRNewswire 10/20/2004

Flu 2004

HHS PURCHASES 1.2 MILLION DOSES OF FLU VACCINE: GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Adds To 61 Million Doses In United States NIH 12/8/04
NIAID Launches Expanded Flu Web Site For The Media NIH 11/17/04
NIAID Launches Influenza Genome Sequencing Project NIH 11/17/04
Arkansas and Massachusetts Receive More Flu Vaccine Associated Press 11/10/04
HHS Identifies More Influenza Vaccine NIH 11/3/04
HHS Says Supply Of Flu Vaccines, Medicines Will Help Keep People Safe During Coming Flu Season NIH 10/27/2004
How to Ward Off the Flu This Winter Associated Press 10/27/2004
More on the Flu Shot Crisis Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10/20/2004
Be Sure to Get Your Flu Shot Early Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10/6/2004


Few Americans Are Aware They Have Chronic Kidney Disease
NIH 12/17/04
Endocrine Society Urges NIH to Delay Public Access Plan
NIH 11/17/04
NIH Funds New General Clinical Research Center In Sacramento NIH 11/3/04
NIH Opens New Clinical Research Hospital NIH 9/22/04

Growth Hormone

SomatoKine for the Treatment of Growth Hormone Insensitivity Syndrome Insmed Press Release 12/31/2004
Next-Generation Growth Hormone PRNewswire 11/17/04
Growth Hormone Therapy May Reduce Morbidity, Mortality in Hypopituitary Adults J Clin Endocrinol Metab 11/17/04
Novo Nordisk's Human Growth Hormone Now Approved for Use in Adults Associated Press 11/10/04
Growth Hormone Outgrows Growth Clinical Endocrinology 9/11/04
An NIH to study the consequences of lack of growth hormone and it's affects on heart function, bone density, muscle strength, and fat metabolism NIH 7/14/04


Trial Using Pain Relieve Aleve Suspended Associated Press 12/21/04
NIH Halts Use Of Cox-2 Inhibitor In Large Cancer Prevention Trial NIH 12/17/04
Wasted Muscles, Low Blood Pressure, Inattentive Eyes NY Times 12/5/04
DHEA Hormone Offsets Harmful Effects of Aging Ivanhoe 12/1/04
DHEA Replacement May Be Beneficial for Hypoadrenal Women Medscape 12/1/04
Grapefruit and Medications Alert AOL News 11/10/04
Merck Should Have Pulled Vioxx in 2000 Reuters 11/10/04
Vioxx for Arthritis Recalled Reuters 10/6/04


Many Have Subconscious Bias Against Obese: Study Yahoo / Reuters 2/7/2003


Lack of Insurance for Self-Help Services Could Prove Obstacle for the Millions of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Seeking to Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease PRNewswire 10/27/04
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome May Lead to Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease Medscape 10/20/04
PCOS: The results of a new study Medscape 10/20/04


Double pituitary lesions in three patients with Cushing's disease. Department of Neurosurgery, Health Sciences Center, UVA  
Olympic skater Scott Hamilton to have brain tumor (pituitary) treatment Gamma Knife Associated Press 12/8/04
Olympic skater Scott Hamilton has a Pituitary Tumor 11/17/04
Miscarriages and Pituitary Tumors Health India 11/10/04
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and over-activity of the pituitary gland   11/3/2004


Steroid Abuse Is Health Concern Associated Press 12/8/04
High-Dose Steroids Up Heart Disease Risk Greatly Annals of Internal Medicine 11/17/04
Bush Signs Law Banning Certain Steroid-Like Drugs Reuters 10/27/04


New Book Confronts Testosterone Issues PRNewswire 11/17/04

Note: These articles are provided in furtherance of the mission of Cushing's Help and Support to help people with Cushing's or other endocrine problems, their friends and families through research, education, support, and advocacy. These news items are intended to serve as background concerning its subject for patient-physician discussions and discussions among Cushing's Help and Support Message Board Members.

These articles contain information by authors and publishers that is subject to the Copyright Act of 1976, and "fair use doctrine" therein, effective on January 1, 1978 (17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.). Cushing's Help and Support makes no representation that the information and any of the views or comments contained in these articles are completely accurate or current. Cushing's Help and Support takes no responsibility for any of the content.

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