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Emily's Story

Hi, my name is Emily and I finally found this site where I can talk to others who can relate to what I'm going thru. I'm SO glad to be here!

I was diagnosed with Cushing's about 3 months ago. It was caused by 3 years of using steroid inhalers. They estimate I've had it for 2 years. I have the textbook symptoms. Buffalo hump, which is huge and embarrassing, a big round face, thinning skin on face, hands and everywhere else, extreme tiredness, dizziness, and constant thrush infections.

I was recovering from life threatening depression when I got Cushing's. I was just starting to entertain the thought of finally working again when I started becoming so weak and tired I could hardly walk to the corner store. I called myself lazy. I'm very isolated, at home alone most of the time while my fiancé struggles to support us. I started decreasing my steroids 3 weeks ago. I have complete adrenal suppression and almost ended up in the hospital from a little cold... I'm sick and tired, but I guess everyone else here is too. It's nice to hear the stories of recovery though, it really inspires me.

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