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Emily's Story...

My bio...Hi I am a 27yr old female from the center of the uk, I am currently waiting for my results of my cushings tests. For the past 6 years I have been gaining a huge amount of weight, hair loss is a joke I shed more than a molting dog, I have severe headaches which prevent me from getting out of bed or even opening my eyes, the other changes are loss of periods compleatly so trying for another baby is out of the question.

I have terrible skin lately dry, itchy and flakey I have spots all over my face.

When I had my daughter 6 years ago I started to gain weight they (the G.P's) did a blood test for hypothyroidism which was abnormal I was given thyroxine to treat it, 3 years later they repeated the test and my thyroid was normal so I hadn't got hyperthyroidism so treatment stopped too, thats where the weight pilled on even thought I was only having 800kcals a day, No chocolate, Sweets, Fries, Chips, etc. but still I looked like the back end of a London red bus.

I am worried about my health and worried about the outcome of the tests, I am scared that the tests will be positive for Cusings as some of the tratments scare me i.e Radiotherapy seems a harsh treatment and a deadly one for someone like me who is desperate for another child.

i am glad I am not the only one who may have this awfull complaint, I am just glad that we can all stick together through Sites like this one

All take care

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