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Ellen's Story

Hi there: Im a 48 year old woman.

I was diagosed with a functional left adrenal adenoma (producing cortisol) 3 years ago when I received an abdominal CT to explore the causes for (pardon the explicitness) an abrupt onset of diarrhea-which has continued ever since without remission. I previously had no bowel problems-in fact had only had diarrhea once in my life. I was exensively worked up for the diarrhea and there is no obvious cause but I have noticed it is related to fa ast transit time or being upright.

I have not had an adrenelectomy because I would like to know if there is a relationship between the cortisol and the diarrhea and because I only weigh 117 lbs and do not want to lose anymore weight.

I have come to the cushing's support board to see if there are any other folks who have similar gastrointestinal symptoms and what they were told.

I also would like to talk to folks about their recovery time from an adrenalectomy and the quality of their life at this time. I am very active a road cyclist , hiker etc.

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