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Elizabeth's Story

I was diagnosed with a pit. tumor 2 years ago, just after my son was born. The tumor has caused alot of havoc to my 38-year old body and it's not done yet.

I was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease. This is such a strange disease, as no one I know has ever had it so I have no reference point. I am learning that there is little known about it and most patients do their own research online.

I haven't seen the doctor yet since my diagnosis - but will soon. I don't know the plan of attack but I am a fighter so I will fight it out with the rest of you!

I have lots of questions and appreciate any advice or support you can give.

We just moved to Florida, where I have a new doctor, no family and no friends yet.

Elizabeth may be the subject of a future Live Interview in the Cushing's Help Voice Chat / Podcast series. More information as it becomes available. Archives will be available after the chat.

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