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Hello. I'm a 31 y.o. F who has recently learned about Cushings. I have had almost all the symptoms, moonface, weight gain that won't go away, especially around my mid section, constant pain, headaches, lower back pain, bruising, hair loss, eyesight blurring, depression, fatigue, night sweats, memory problems etc., etc... until now it was always attributed to something else, depression, thyroid, (both of which I have.) But it didn't explain everything in a cohesive manner.

First I thought I was gaining weight because of hypothyroidism, but it just wasn't adding up. I eat less than I used to and the weight just pile on and won't come off. I've been under physician care for at least 10 years now, and endocrinologist also, but nobody mentioned cushings until recently.(I just got a new endo.) And my new endo has done some preliminary tests 24hr urine - 2 of them so far, one came out normal, the other they screwed up. I'm doing the lo-dose mex. next, but I'm also going to try to seek a new endo that hopefully knows more about Cushings. I'm so tired and frustrated, I'm 5'2 and weigh 165lbs. I know that's not as bad as some, but it's bad for me. I used to be 115 lbs. and very active. Now mostly I hurt so bad I just want to cry. It means a lot to have found this site, and I thank everybody for sharing.

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