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Duncan's Story

I was diagnosed 7-9-03 with tumor on adrenal gland. After months of high blood pressure, bruising, weakness and fat belly and face my persistence in seeking answers and my own research pushed my doctors to look further into my ailments.

I meet with a surgeon next week to asess treatment.

I pray for all of you with this condition and wish you all the best. Keep the faith!

Update: 7/31/2003

I was diagnosed with Cushing's just a month ago. After a year of high blood pressure, sleeplesness, big belly, bruised and tearing skin,depression and weakness they finally put 2 and 2 together. Only through my constant complaints about my skin to several doctors did they figure it out.

I have a 2 inch tumor on my right adrenal gland which is being removed 8-4-03. I'm nervous but glad I'm going in the right direction.

My faith in god and the support of my family will get me through it. What can I expect during recovery? How fast will I rebound?

I'm a 46 year old male with a supportive wife whose main goal in life is my well being! I would like any help and prayers from all of you and pray that your lives are getting better all the time!!

Keep the faith

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