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Drea's Story

Well it's been an interesting ride! I started discovering that something just wasn't "right" with me about 5 years ago, just didn't feel myself the majority of the time. Over the last 2 1/2 years my family saw a massive difference in me, that I could feel, just couldn't explain. 6 doctors later, and just finishing a week of intensive testing with Dr. Ludlam at Seattle Neuroscience, I no longer think i'm losing my mind!!!!

One thing I'd like to say, is a personal thank you to two of the most lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting in a long time, Kate and Natalie. They just finished the same round of testing I did this morning. Not only did these two do everything they could to explain what they went through, but they provided information, (this site for one!) laughter, and a wonderful smile throughout this ordeal. I wish them both the very best, and my personal thank you for helping not only me, but my 16 year old daughter understand what this disease is capable of doing.

On that note, I don't have any final results yet, and i'm very new to this, so thank you for providing the information, support and a place where "cushies" can go to feel like we're not so alone in all this.

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