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Donna D's Story

I am soon to be 43 years old. For the past 3 years I have been on and off prednisone. The most recent course was for ten months during which times I was on very high levels of prednisone. I have been sent to many different doctors depending on the symptoms that were present at the time.

The past 4 months have been a nightmare. I feel completely betrayed by the medical professionals. At no time was I ever told what the side effects would be of long term steroid use. Now unfortunately I know! When I finally requested a referral to an endocrinologist she took one look at me and said "congratulations your doctors have given you Cushing's Syndrome" She told me to get a medic alert bracelet, take calcium supplements, vitamin D supplements and taper off the prednisone slowly. I am now down to 5mg. a day and according to her should be feeling better. I am concerned because many of the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome I have had for many years prior to the steroid use.

I have been diagnosed and worked up and over for IBS, plantars fascitis, cardiac problems, asthma, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, chronics fungal infections of the feet and hands, herniated discs (laminactomy 8/02)COPD, sleep apnea, carpal tunnel (surgery 4/99) allergies, elevated blood sugar, hypothyroid etc. There were many others along the way. I take medication for depression, seizures, asthma, anxiety and insomnia (Ambien which has not worked yet!).

The newest affliction is the development of lipomas and hermangiomas. I have had one removed but have five total. The most painful was diagnosed on 7/12/04. This one is on my spine causing a great deal of pain, so much so that I can only stand/walk for five minutes.

I feel like I am losing control of my body. I can't seem to find a doctor that will provide me with the proper testing. The endocrinologist and my PCP want so much to just say that well all of your difficulties are from steroid use, but most of these things have been here prior to the start of prednisone. I am really in need of advice and support and I am hoping to find it here. Because the doctor believes that this is from my recent steroid use I have felt uncomfortable about asking for support since so many people have gone through so much more than I have. It has been very helpful just reading others experiences.

I thank you for creating this site. When I am wide awake at night I search the web for info and research. I am thrilled that I stumbled onto this one! Thank you!

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