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Ian Becke, MD, FACP
Olympic View Building
2741 Wheaton Way, Suite A
Bremerton, WA 98310

phone 360-782-1800
fax 360-782-1803
hospital Group Health Permanente

He is an Internal Medicine MD who specializes in complex cases. Very well versed in wide array of endocrine issues.

Wonderful doctor who truly values, respects, and LISTENS to his patients. Had thoroughly reviewed my medical record prior to my first appointment. Correctly diagnosed me with Cushing's and toxic myopathy on first visit. Immediately ordered cortisol testing, and referral to a physiatrist. Exceptionally honest and straightforward, yet very warm and kind. Advocated for me to ensure I got properly tested, diagnosed, and treated. His report single-handedly won my appeal for Social Security disability. Personally responds to phone messages and emails quickly. Has stated his willingness to testify in my upcoming malpractice case against the VA!



Dr. Leslie Klaff,



Endocrinology & Diabetes

Dr. Matt Davies

1229 Madison St #1500



He diagnosed me even though I didn't have the typical symptoms. I had lost weight and was anorexic with lots of stress in my life. The main symptoms were skin and stress and changes in behavior. He is very compassionate and caring. Will contact you with results of tests when he gets them but is getting to be very difficult to get into. Was named one of the top 100 doctors in Seattle, which is quite an honor. Also works w/Dr. Marc Mayberg who did my pit surgery and Gamma Knife Radiation.

Information verified 10/25/2007 by Marilyn (Rainy)



Clinical Interests/Special Procedures Performed:
Acromegaly, Complex Prolactinomas, Cushing's Syndrome, Neuroendocrine Disorders, Pituitary Tumors

Education and Certification:
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY
Residency: Oregon Health & Science University, OR
Fellowship(s): Oregon Health & Science University, OR

William H. Ludlam, M.D. Ph.D.
Swedish Hospital
550 17th Ave
Suite #500
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: (206) 320-2840
Fax: (206) 320-282
Phone: (206) 320-2800



My doctor is Dr. Bill Ludlum. I just spoke with him today and made an appointment after finally tracking him down. He just moved up to Seattle from Portland, OR. He has set up a center here. He also works with the expert in Neuro-science, surgeon Marc Mayberg.

Dr. Ludlam will answer our questions in a live Internet Voice Chat, date TBA

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