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Helpful Doctors: Michigan

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These doctors have all been recommended by patients on
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Michigan Ann Arbor. Endocrinologist Ariel L. Barkan, M.D.
Co-Director Pituitary Center
U of MI Medical Center
3920 Taubman UMMC
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0354
(734) 936-5504
  Detroit.   Dr. Thierry M. Desir
Detroit Medical Center
8282 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI
(313) 874-3440
Sue said: "I had a call from a woman in Detroit, MI.  She saw a new doctor at the Detroit Medical Center and he diagnosed her on the first visit.  He's new to the medical profession.  He sat down with her and showed her a book w/classic patients pictures and drew the pituitary and adrenal glands to show her where the tumors could be.  I was impressed.  New physician and knows Cushings?  Umm."
  Flint. Endocrinologist Dr. Jamal Hammoud, M.D.  
5031 Villa Linde, Suite 21
Flint, MI  48532
(810) 230-0788
The first time Dr. Hammoud saw me he said, "Cushing's".  At the time, I had no clue as to what that was!  

Well, my tests came back normal.  He had been so sure it was Cushing's...and, after visiting this site, I'm 180% sure myself!  I was adamant about it and, luckily, he LISTENED.  He has referred me to a doctor at the University of Michigan, who specializes in Cushing's...
  Jackson.   Dr. David Halsey
1310 Greenwood Avenue
Jackson, MI
(517) 787-2232
By referral Dr. Halsey treats Cushing's patients from the tri-state area of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
  Owosso. Family Practice Dr. Angela Badra, D.O.
239 N. State Rd.
Owosso, MI  48867
(989) 743-9045
Dr. Badra is a caring doctor who once told me that she treats her patients like she would her own family.  When I first visited her in March, I was a nervous wreck.  I cried the whole time as I showed her a long list of symptoms.  Instead of brushing me off as a nut, she LISTENED and BELIEVED in me.  She told me that if she couldn't help me, she would find someone who could.  With that, she scheduled me for several tests and referred me to various specialists.  I'm so lucky to have found her!
  St. Joseph   Dr. Alan Smiy  Stonegate Place
St. Joseph, MI. Phone# (269) 428-8000
He has been just great in learning more about Cushing's. He even took my medical records home during a recent hospitalization I had for cellulitis in my leg because he couldn't figure out why my white cell count would not drop despite all evidence of infection being gone and my being on strong antibiotics. Once he discovered that my normal count was very high he proceeded to dig into Cushing's side effects and found this to be consistent with the disease. He is a new doctor to our area, isn't even in the phone books yet, and he admits that he doesn't know a lot about Cushing's but he is eager to learn along with me and very much encourages me to have any and all test results sent on to him from my various specialists.

 Any doctor that will take home a patient's records and dig for information on his own time at home is wonderful in my opinion.
  University of Michigan Endocrinologist  Dr. David E. Schteingart, M.D.
University of Michigan
(734) 936-5035
I haven't seen him yet, but this is the specialist that I have been referred to. He is a professor at the University of Michigan and he specializes in Cushing's. I don't even have an appointment quite yet but I will keep you posted... shall not be held liable for any claim or right to recover damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, business, other incidental consequential damages, or other similar claims, even if has been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages.

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