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Dick's Story

I have been diagnosed with Cushing's for the past four years.

I have had extensive MRI's CAT scans and PSST to locate a tumor in my body. As a result of these tests I have had two surgeries in the past two and a half years. One to my thymus that was successful and one to my pituitary that supposedly successful.

However after these two surgeries, I was told that I still have Cushing's and that there is still a tumor somewhere in my body that cannot be located. Since my system produces a large amount of cortisol I have been told that I have two alternatives to resolve the cortisol problem. Further surgery in the Pituitary area or removal of my adrenal glands.

I am now determining what direction to take. I was informed by NIH that Dr Oldfield would be a person that I should talk with for his thoughts and the procedure he uses.

I would like to talk withpersons that have had Cushings surgery and their experience. this is the first time that I have been able to locate a support group with this disease.

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