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Diana's Story

I was finally diagnosed in Sept. of 06 with pituitary adenoma. I had years of illness and hospitalizations, so many tests that I can't remember them all. After two long hospital stays the verdict each time was that I had a virus. When I developed my very large buffalo hump, the doctors finally got a clue.

I had my surgery March 21, 2007. My nostrils were too small for the surgeon to be able to go up to the pituitary, so I had an incision inside of my upper lip. I still have some numbness there.

Since the surgery it has been a very long and trying recovery. I've been very nauseated and sick most of the time. I've lost 90 pounds so far and I hope to continue to lose about 30 more. I was on 80 mg. of cortisone and was weened off of it by 5 mg every two weeks. I've been off of the medication for almost 2 month sand I'm doing really well. I was taking actos, glyberide and insulin and now I no longer need it.

Last month I had reconstructive surgery to remove my buffalo hump that weighed about two pounds. Gosh, was that a huge relief. It feels so good to have a normal neck. I am so very grateful for that hump because it was the start to getting a diagnosis and help.

Right now I'm having a struggle not with my health so much but with our social security system. They have denied me twice for compensation while I was so sick and unable to work. They say that I wasn't going to be out of work for more than 12 consecutive months and that I should be able to continue with my previous line of work. I would be so very interested in what other patients have done about being compensated. Any suggestions or help in anyway would be much appreciated.

I do thank god several times a day for letting me get better and if I can help anyone through this very horrible condition, just ask. God Bless, Diana

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