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Diana's Story

I don't have a diagnosis yet. I have been very sick for over a year now and have been somewhat sick for the past 6 years and don't know what is wrong. I'm going to have my Doctor look into Cushions because the symptoms seem similar but I won't know until further test.

I am a working mom I have 4 kids and my husband in disabled retired, so I have the responsibility of taking care of the whole family. He helps a lot with the kids. But I have my own business and it gets hard when I get ill.

I am sick every 2-3 days and on my well days I am still nauseated. I get a day or two every so often where I feel like I was never sick and it feels so good I do all I can before the feeling is gone. Most of the time I am hot on the inside (not menopause or pre menopause, we checked) I had migraines once for about 2 weeks and it left. Now I get a different head pain sometimes before I get so sick I can get out of bed. (Every 3-4 days for a day or two.) I have lots of joint pain and muscle pain. Every once and a while my hand or my foot or hip will feel broken or hot with pain for a few days and then go away like it was never hurt. I have hair on my chin, chest and upper lip. I have gained a little over 100 lbs. And have some hair loss on my head. If I had time I know I would be depressed but I’m to sick for that and work to hard.

I now have heart disease, I have had high cholesterol, triglycerides for years and can’t seem to get it down. Sometimes I feel like I will dye before they find out what is wrong with me. Other than all of this I try my best to be positive and ignore what I can’t control I have kids to raise and can’t ruin their childhood just because I don’t feel good, that’s the hardest part.

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