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Diana's Story

I am 53 years old and was diagnosed with cushings in Sept. 06.

It took several MRI's, CTscans and an angiplastic procedure to finally pinpoint the tumor on my pituitary gland. In only four months prior to my diagnosis I developed a very large hump on the back of my neck and that is what prompted me to see the doctor.

I had my surgery in March. It has been a very long (it's not over) and difficult recovery. The first couple of months after surgery I was very sick. I'm on hydrocordisone pills but they are weening me off of it slowly. I started off on 80 mg a day and now I'm down to 25 mg. I'm having more better days than I used too and I 'm starting to feel a lot better.

I'm going to see a plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery on my hump because it just hasn't gotten smaller as the doctors were hoping for.

My diabetic medications have been reduced in half and I no longer have to take insulin. My blood pressure is so good that I'm off of the blood pressure medicinie. So there have been some very positive aspects so far.

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