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Denisse's Story...

I'm 22 years old and I have been recently diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, hypothyroidism and pre-diabetes.

I'm also waiting for results on a 24 hour urine free cortisol test, because according to my endocrinologist my cortisol level is very high. I'm unsure of what the results might be, but I'm convinced I have Cushings. Although I do not have a buffalo hump and I do not have skinny legs and skinny arms I do have purplish pink stretch marks on my abdomen, I do have high blood sugar (pre-diabetes), I do have high blood pressure, I have hypothyroidism, irregular periods, constant exhaustion, dizzy spells, depression, mood swings, back aches (stabbing pains, I can't stand up for too long), I have trouble getting up and my stomach is larger than it has ever been due to weight gain.

I feel helpless and I'm incredibly tired of going back and forth to my doctors office. I'm tired of waiting for test results. I just want to finally be told what's going on with me so I can fight it head on.

If I have Cushings, I'm mostly scared of not being able to have kids. I already have endometrial hyperplasia, and I'm praying it doesn't develop into endometrial cancer.

We'll see.

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