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Denise's Story

could remember before I knew I had Cushing's disease, I remember the symptoms-thirsty-weight gain-high blood pressure.

It all started after I had my baby in 5.5.98 and I just stayed big, weighing 195 pounds and before I got pregnant I weighed 117 pounds.

Five months past by and I was still overweight, my ankles were so swollen that I got a weird red patch. That's when I got scared and went to the urgent care, I was in and out-dr gave me some type of pain killer.

I went home and finally I called my doctors office and crying to the receptionist. Telling her I was in bad shape, I was seen the next day. My doctor couldn't believe how sick I got since the last time she'd seen me, my sugar was over 600-my high blood pressure was sky high-sweaty-really bloated-my tongue was so white-moon face-red faced with acne.

That's when she said we need to admit you in the hospital. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, before they knew I had a pituitary tumor, they did every test they could do on me, so I finally had a MRI and the doctors came back with a picture of my brain showing what was going on with me.

I couldn't believe I had a brain tumor. So they had a doctor come in and tell me that I was going to get an operation in couple of weeks until I can get all my blood work stable. And that finally happened on 9.12.98.

I thought I was going to die, because I signed something that I could go blind or even die, so I was a little shaky. When I was in the operating room, all I remember was the gas mask and waking up 4-5 hours later, in pain. Stayed in the hospital about 2 days and went home, with tons of medication-needles-insulin. I had never been so scared in my life.

A year passed still on medication still overweight, my doctor had told me it was not going to be the same overnight to becoming how I use to be, (boy was that true). Then I had blood work often, I had a call from my doctor who operated on me, my blood work was not good. I had another MRI, my tumor was growing back, nightmare started all over again.

Then I got radiation for 2 months. I had another MRI and fortunately my tumor shrunk and has been since. Everyday now I take 7 pills a day (Ketoconazole & Aetonal) suppressing my symptoms of the tumor. Now I weigh 147 pounds and this is a period of 31/2 years, so I think I'm getting down there in the weight. But I thank all the doctors and my husband being there for me. Because I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But now I take day by day, and appreciate my health and take care of it, at least I try.

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