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Dee's Story

Sept.21, 2005 I was diagnosed w/ Cushings, and that same day the doctor drew blood to measure ACTH. Next he says we'll do imaging studies. He says that when we get a bead on where the tumor is located, he's going to send me to a surgeon "out of town", but he didn't say where.

In reading some of the bios on this site, I'm feeling alittle scared since I have yet to find one that says "I'm 95% back to normal!" So, it is my prayer at this time that my case will be relatively straight forward and I'll be able to get back most of my old self.

I've been sick w/ this monster for years-probably at least 15 yrs.-and have been treated for each individual symptom as they arose...and not treated for all of them (like the hair loss, or "rosacea"). Anyway, because of the length of time I've been ill, and the way this disease has ravaged my body, I feel pretty sure I'll have a long recovery. However, after such a long time, if recovery is possible, I'm going to make it. I haven't been able to lose weight or reap any benefit from exercise in so long...I am ready.

Thank you for this site as it helped me feel like I wasn't alone w/ this thing. I'll try to update after surgery and alittle time has passed. I hope to report back with all good news. Until then, I'll say a special prayer for all Cushing's patients to be well.

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