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Debra B's Story

Had pituitary surgery 1992. Did not recover, now I am feeling worse and and weight is skyrocketing and the pain in back and legs etc. is almost unbareable even though I am taking pain meds. they really don't help. I have done all the testing, Blood, CT, MRI, etc. and show that I don't have a pitutary tumor, but have had a adrenal tumor on the left side, but has not changed in size since 1995. But also found a tumor on my liver that is 3.4 cm. on my left lobe. I had the CT scan done 8-23-2006.

I have had my U Cort Free 24 Hr test
7-26-2000 was 137.3
9-25-2000 was 171.1
8-23-2002 was 108.4
7-07-2005 was 144.6
5-08-2006 was 173

My ACTH Leveles are also very high. By Endocronlogist is saying that I pseudo-cushings? How can that be if all of my test and symptom's etc. don't lie? Can anyone help or offer what I can do or who to talk to? I would appreciate any help

I can get since I have been batteling with Drs. about this since my 1992 surgery whin instead of getting better I have been getting worse.

Thank-You for listening!!!! Debbie Buffo

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