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Debbie's Story

Hi, My name is Debbie. I am 46 yrs old. My Endo thinks I may have Cushings...possibly cyclical Cushings.

I started getting sick about 10 yrs ago. It was just little things like needing to eat more to maintain blood sugar, or more tired than usual. I also had a couple of little panic attacks while snorkeling one time.

As time went on, it's gotten worse and worse and worse. I really started piling on the pounds about 8 yrs ago. I have gianed almost 30 lbs a yr since then. My sleep has gone down to about 1-2 hrs a night...except it's really the early morning. I don't sleep at all at night. I had to quit my job 3 yrs ago as I just got too tired to get out of bed one week. I just couldn't do it anymore. I am very sensitive to heat and to light. I am very tired, lethargic, and depressed alot of the time. I also have panic attacks when going places on a regular basis now. Everything seems to stress me out and make me uncomfortable.

None of the above is the real me! I have been extremely thin, energetic, upbeat, and ready to tackle life for 39 yrs, and then it just all fell apart so's been very bizarre. I do have a pituitary tumor, however my salivaries have been very unenlightening. They frequently come back very low normal, or normal. Getting ready to do a new urine, hopefully that will show something. Blood is up sometimes, down sometimes. It's been really frustrating. Having never been truely sick before, this whole things has been incredibly scary, upsetting and a real eye opener for me in so many ways.

Anywho, I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to write. Specificlly it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has the consistent weight gain like I've had, and anyone who's had the intolerance to heat symptom. The other thing that has been baffling to my Endo is that I have all the symptoms of low blood sugar, and hence the need to eat so much, but in checking sugar levels on a fast and non-fasting, they seem to be totally normal. If anyone experiences that symptom, I'd be very interested in hearing from them.

This is a great site. I've been checking it out for a couple years now, and it always brings so much hope when I'm feeling especially despondent.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Debbie

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