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Deb's Story...

I'm 41, mother of six. In the past year I have gained almost 70 lb. I have a lot of joint pain, depression, moon face, painful rash, I open the doors and windows when it is freezing outside just to get some relief. I have had a stress test that was normal although my resting bp is 160/90 my cat scan showed I have had a small stroke. My fingers are overstuffed sausages.

After 6 babies I still weighed 130-140 Now I look about 8 months pregnant. I think I may have Cushings. I saw a program tonight that sounds a lot like me. I would like to know what to do to actually fix this .

I am tired of the jokes about my age ... change of life and all that hot flashes bla bla and my profession, I am a chef. I am desperate for relief.

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