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Dawn's Story

I was a very athletic active person 4 years ago. I suddenly gained 40 lbs over the course of a year and had no energy.

I have the hump, moon face, sudden food allergies, and many symptoms of Cushings and adrenal fatigue. They have "diagnosed" (ha ha) RA, Sjogren's, pre-diabetes, depression (I'm upset, not depressed), psychalogical issues, overeating, lack of excercise (even though I used to landscape all day then go into kick-boxing and karate at night until I couldn't anymore).

I have been to doctors in GA and FL, with no help. Each doctor I see won't look at previous bloodwork, so they don't see the inconsistancies in the results. All they see is that at this moment, there are no problems, so I must be well.

I have ALL the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and feel there may be a tumor. I have a strange pressure under my ribs and an ache that goes to my back. I think that I may also have cyclic cushings, as I will go for a while feeling fine, start working out again then I crash. By the time I realize that I'm not coming down with anything and make an appointment and wait the 3-4 weeks to get in then wait another couple of weeks for the bloodwork, I start feeling better. This is incredibly frustrating.

Every time I crash, I put on even more weight that I can't get off no matter what. I exist on meat and veggies because of all the food allergies (gluten, corn, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, dairy). I can't sweat and retain all the fluid in my legs. They're checking my aldosterone levels next week - finally - which may lead them to my adrenals. Unfortunately, they make me wait a month between doctor visits (this may take even more years!) Every time I ask them to check my adrenals, they almost get mad at me for having the nerve to tell THEM what may be wrong with me!!

Four years of research has at given me some knowledge that doctors don't seem to want you to have! They say there is no such thing as Adrenal Fatigue - that it was made up by people who aren't even doctors.

Hopefully I will get a diagnosis soon and be on the way to a healthier life again...

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