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David's Story...

I am a 43 year old male. I was diagnosis with Acromegaly June, 2003

I have been sick for a long time just could not find out why.

When they finality figured it out my GH level was 87 and my tumor was 3cm

Thanks to the internet I went to the N.I.H. in Maryland in Oct. Had my first surgery on Oct.6 by Dr.Oldfield he had to stop. had second surgery on Oct.15 Got out of the hospital on Oct.23.

Started my Radiation Therapy on Nov.12 and now my G.H.levels is 11. I had my first hormone shot Nov.14 I have two more shots and 4 more weeks of Radiation.

I am new to this and real confused and in a lot of pain, mood swings, nervous,I need someone who understands me.

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