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Darryl Moss' Story...

In March of 1992 I underwent an operation on my pituitary gland.

For one year or so before diagnosis, I complained to my doctor that I felt something was wrong with me. I had stabbing pains in my legs, felt a little strange and all in all knew something was not right. I also was always flat out, everything was full on.

I feel that I am a little psychic and my man in my head told me I had a tumor on my brain. I told the doctor what I felt was wrong with me. She laughed it off.

My wife finally convinced me to see a physician specialist. After an examination he concluded it was my kidneys or my pituitary gland. At that time blood tests were not yet available. I had to pee in a bottle each day for a week and take the sample daily to be analysed. After the test, it was found I had a pituitary gland problem. I was producing 3000 unit of cortizone a day instead of 300 or something like that. No wonder I was hyped up.

I was given a MRI scan and it was confirmed I had a tumor the size of a walnut around my pituitary gland. It was also growing into my optic nerve on my left eye. I was sent to a brain surgeon a Mr Stokes (brilliant man, well he saved my life (thank you)). He consulted with me and told me he would give me eighteen months to live. I was rather impressed at the thought of this sudden revelation, I was only 43 yrs of age and was not planning on leaving the planet just yet. Well as you can imagine how it effects yourself, your wife and family. I saw and endocrinologist and then underwent the operation. The operation involved cutting a hole in my head to access the tumor, which had grown around the gland then up through the membrane below the brain and around again. Well I survived the operation and am now on medication. Cortizone tablets daily, thyroxine daily and steroid injection monthly. I am going to try a six monthly implant next month or so.

The recovery depends on your attitude to life and how you want to dwell on the past and future. We are on this planet for such a short time, so don't waste your life in gloom and doom. To quote Monty Python "Always look on the bright side of life." I tried to remain clam and relaxed through this ordeal, though at times it did hit me pretty hard. I accepted my fate and dealt with it as it came. I hope those of you out there can try and be brave and face it head on, as this will help in your recovery and outlook to the future. Take everyday as it happens. I hope this hasn't bored you to much. Trust in the LORD Amen.

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