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Darlene's Story

In jan.2002 i did some tests that showed i had high cortisol. The doctor at the time said it was stress and to take it easy.

Thru 2002-2003-2004-2005 I became sick with one illness after another (diabetes, high bloodpresure, weigt gain, multiple kidney stones, fatigue, weakness, bowel and bladder trouble and more).

In Jan 2005 i was diagnosed with cushings by another doctor (i had seen three endo specialists before i was diagnosed).

I have had three mri,8 24 hr urine collections, 2 suppression tests, a venus sampling test (which was not done wright). All the tests point to the pituitary, the mri shows a small spot of concern.

I have been put on medication to control the cortisol until surgery. My doctor wants to be cautious before he orders surgery. I am wondering if this is normal to take so long for treatment and also how much long term damage is being done?

I have been unable to work since July 2004. What a terrible disease.

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