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Cynthia's Story...

After 4 complicated pregnancy, diagnosis of diabetes type 2 at 25 years old plagued with one illness after another, all with no reason why. An emergency room doctor suggested Cushing's my ATCH and cortisol blood work came up twice the normal range plus some. My mother died some years ago of a brain tumor and I don't really now what I should be concerned with. The idea of getting surgery and getting better is a god send but no one has directly said it is Cushing's.

I also wonder how this disease has affected my children one is 14 and has anger disorders he is 5'11" and growing quickly. My 11 year old daughter is heavy around the torso with a buffalo hump and ear infections that won't quit. My son who is 5 has a unilateral pigeon chest that is causing rolling scoleosis, fractured his scull from a fall off a chair at 10 months and thought he had appendicitis at 4 years old that turned up to be what they termed abnormally large lymph nodes through out abdomen. The youngest, was born with a fused labia that caused kidney infections and has started developing bony growths. They all had incredibly low blood sugars at birth, jaundice, and lost over 10% of their body weight in the first 24hrs failure to thrive was the diagnosis.

Of course we have no health insurance and I only take the kids or myself in to see a Doctor only if I have too. I am at my wits end and don't even know where to start to get treatment for myself let alone the kids or how to pay for this. Any one with any suggestions would be soo.... appreciated. Thank you!!!

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