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Cynthia's Story

My doctor found a 3mm mass on my left adernal mass due to a kidney stone attack.

They did a cat scan and found it and my doctors have been monitorning since Janaury 2007 have had mri since then they did a bioposy and then it was suggested to get it removed was scheudled for surgery on Oct 15, 2007 at Standford Medical but after teh surrgeon reviews my records he said that we should just watch it to see it it grows and to have my doctor in Idaho run more tests he said that it sounds like I have cusings Syndrome.

So I have an appt this tuesday back to ordginal doctor in Idaho to start checking for that. But I am confused when you check with cushings it said to have surgery????

I am married 46 years old have dialy stress filling, have broken 3 ribs just bending over, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, can't sleep , round face, weight gain, hot all the time.

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