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Cristen's Story...

Hello everyone who views my bio!

My name is Cristen, and I live in beautiful sunny southern Utah. I am a single mother of two beautiful kids. My daughter 5 Cherish (yes that is where I got my screen name) and my son 3 Kaiden.

I have been having pretty much every symptom that I can find. I have been having them for several years. Here is a short list of some of my symptoms- Memory problems, numbness, weight gain in abdomen and back, buffallo hump, strtch marks on legs, acne, weakness, fatigue, hard to heal sores, brain fog, vision problems, headaches, women problems, back pain, and the list goes on.....

I am so-very glad I found this site to talk to others with the same problems. I haven't been tested yet because I haven't had insurance and I have been living on child support alone, so I didn't have the money. But I just got Utah Medicaid, so I am going to be able to start the testing and the long road that I am sure I will be on.

Wish me luck and lots of luck to you!!!

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