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Claudia's Story

Hi, I am Claudia.... I was diagnosed with Cushing's disease on february 2007 and I had a pituitary tumor surgery on april 2007.

I decided to enter in this group because I need to comunicate to talk to other people about.... it is almost ones year since my surgery but I still feel that my life never will be like before :(....

Let me tell you just some general things about me for you to anderstand my situation: I am living now in Germany because I won a scholarship for study but I come from Colombia. Before I came I was a very sporter woman (medium-high performance with competitions and so on), when I arrived to Germany I started soon to look for posibilities to train and to continue with my active life beside my studies.

After some time I started to have many health complications, my weigth was growing and growing (it doe not matter how much sport I did!!!!!), I started to get very depressed and very soon my body changed so much that I couldn't recognize myself..... I

went to the doctor and after many examinations, and confirmations and more, I was diagnosed....... I considered to come back to my country (I was alone here and without any support....) but finally I had the possibility to have the surgery here and I decided to stay. I have to say that I decided no to tell anything about to my family because I did not want to worry them.

Well, at the begining after the surgery, I was not able to do almost anything..... I tried to re-start my sport soon but it was not possible.....

well now, almost one year after, I feel not very well..... I have had some controls for my hormons levels after the surgery, after the last one, the doctor told me that iti si possible that I will need another surgery..... I feel very depresed and althought I am doing as much sport as I can (not like before.... I can not...) my weigth is still in the saly..... .

Please, I need to hear of some of you ...... about your experiences and so on. Some times I think that I can not continue with my studies, or even with mi life, ` have not found some help-group or something like that in the place where I am now but if some of you know about links for cushing's disease in Germany or if some of you just want to share some words with me, I would really apreciate that.

A big hug,

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