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Claudia's Story...

I opened up my mom's medical book last week, and it fell on a pic of someone with this disease/syndrome. This is exactly how I look.

I just got done having 2 kids, both by c-section in 13 months, but I really feel that I might have this problem. I only gained 17 lbs and 18 lbs with each of them and I lost it immediately. My problem started though 6 months before I got pregnant, had a rapid weight gain of 60 lbs.

I have the stretch marks, the neck, the whole saggy bottom stomach. I also have endometreosis and my mom thinks I have PCOS as well. I am going to call my PCP and ask her about this problem.

Can anyone help me? I feel so ugly. My face is so round and everyone is constantly commenting on how red I am. I have also developed this weird rash. They chalked that up to PUPPS from being pregnant, but I am not pregnant any longer and the rash has not gone away..........

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