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Cindy's Story

Hi. My name is Cindy. I have, recently, received a preliminary diagnosis of Cushings.

I had a hemithyroidectomy in December 2007. All of my thyroid tests came back normal, but I was still experiencing symptoms of fatigue, a milk letdown feeling with some expression of breastmilk, depression, bruises on my arms and legs and severe weight gain and insomnia.

I started this process at 96 lbs. and am now 153 lbs. I feel lost and alone! No one seems to understand what I'm going through, which makes the depression symptoms that much worse!

I am now struggling with the decision of whether or not to continue in my field of work. I am a paraprofessional for special education preschool. I cannot imagine not working with these precious children, but I don't know if my body will comply. There are days when I can not get out of bed no matter how strong my will is!

I have dealt with two surgeons, 2 endocronologists and my regular family physician. I am terrified of what the diagnosis will be, but SO happy to finally find a reason for all of this! My next test will be the dextromethysone suppression test. I am praying that this will show the true results of Cushings, and I will be able to find a method of treatment for this disease!

I have had so much difficulty finding answers, and so many days when I cannot function as myself! If there is anyone out there who can give a word of advice, encouragment, or support...I am all ears! Nobody in my circle of friends, (which I am blessed to have, ) knows what to say or how to help! I am looking for encrouragement and kindred spirits!

Thank you for listening!

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