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Cindy's Story

Last week I went to talk to my GP about an article I read in Weight Watchers Magazine about Cushings and he agreed that I had all the symptoms/signs (right down to the heavy purple stretch marks on a belly thats never had a baby inside!) - I had my first 24 Urine Test yesterday (just dropped off this morning) and I go for blood work on Oct 9 (2007).

In the last 10 yrs I've gained 142 lbs and although I've made some bad food choices at times, it just happened. I also had a total abdominal hysterectomy with both ovaries removed at 28. Again, I've had no children. I had heavy irregular bleeding and huge ovaries on the ultra sound. After readying this board (and other literature) I feel like my OBGYN made a MISTAKE!

I've been getting migraines - debilitating migraines - for a little over a year now. Previous to 1/1/2006 I had 2 in my entire life. Now, within the last 14 months I have 12.

I have facial hair under my double chin, I get acne break outs and I have a small buffalo hump (from what the dr said its tiny). I have straie on my stomach, upper legs, breasts and arms.

I used to be somewhat active - but now I am so tired all the time. My family is all slim and have made remarks that I should just eat better. I thought I had re-broken my left ankle - I was sure of it in June 07 and after the visit to the orthopediast all I had was a $250 Xray bill and no broke bones.

My first husband divorced me in 2001 after 10 yrs together (5 yrs married) because I got fat and couldnt give him kids. Here I am now at 33 feeling bitter, barren and divorced.

Im a little lost , a little jaded...and worried that I am in this all on my own.

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