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Christy's Story

I am a young 24yr old married mother of two. In the begining of this year 06' I started to notice that some things started to change with my body. I had a gym membership that I really didnt use until the begining of February, I changed my diet...started buying only organic and fruits and vegies but no matter how hard I tried I would gain weight instead of loosing.

At first it was just the weight then I started to notice that my periods were becoming eregular. I had a period in January skipped Feb. and had my last one in March. I thought maybe I had gotten pregnant but took many pregnancy test and nothing. I still thought maybe it was just an effect from me gaining so much weight I was pretty much at a steady 155-160lbs until all of this started to happen.

In the begining of June I had to go to the hospital for kidney stones. It was not fun at all. They gave me pain meds and told me that other then the kidney stone the only other thing that was sort of weird was that my potassium was a little bit low. They gave me liquid to drink and sent me home. Later that night I started noticing that I had a lot of little dark spots all over my face neck and chest area. I thought maybe it was just an alergic reaction to the hole kidney stone thing.

Later that month I started to experience a lot of depression because of the way i looked. I had now gone up to about 180-185lbs my face and chest were only getting worse and i couldnt even go up a flight of stairs without almost falling on my face and running out of breath. My vision started to get worse really blurry just all of a sudden. My voice changed and if I talked for a little while my voice would start to crack and go away as if I was talking all day non-stop.

In July I started to feel really fatiged, muscle pain in my back and legs especially. At the end of July I weighed myself only to discover that I had gone up to 230lbs! It was horrible by this time I had stretch marks on my stomach that were so deep and purple that it looked like someone had taken a lighter and burned my skin.

In the begining of August I started to have a lot more shortness of breath, anxiety attacks, more depression. By this point one morning I woke up and had stretch marks on the inner part of my calvs and now one really deep strech mark on left and right under arm. No matter how hard I tried with the diet and exercise I was hardly loosing any weight. August 8th I had to go to the hospital because I couldnt take the pain and anxiety any more. I was diagnosed with hypertension and low potassium once again gave me meds for that and gave me 15pills of antidepressents to calm me down. I didnt even finish the bottle when I had to go back to hospital for the same thing and now I was having hallucinations and more pain, crying for no reason, experiencing shakyness all hours of the day. I started to get facial and back hair, camels hump, my hair started to fall out my scalp hurt so much.

By the end of August I had to move out of my apartment due to money problems and still dealing with all of these symptoms non of the doctors I went to see were able to tell me much ..just that I should change my diet and take walks when I felt anxious. My hypertension was much worse now and they had to prescribe stronger meds. I now had stretch marks from my underarms to my forearms. I look like a coloring book.

My regular doctor suggested that I should start seeing an endo because she suppected that all of my symptoms were gland related. I have been going back and forth to the doctors office only to find that all of my Cortisol and ATCH levels are normal. Still waiting for my approval to have an MRI and Cat Scan done. I have an aunt that is a doctor in Mexico, she told me that she would send me a cream called natural progeterone ( normally this hormone is produced on its own by your ovaries) she told me that the doctor that came up with this cream base had used it on patients with cushings and it had a lot of other great benifits. Well just like she said it would help it did.

One month after using the cream I stopped having the anxiety attacks, my deppression has slowly gone away, My periods have came back. I have lost a total of 55lbs since September and my face does not have that weird pigmintation it did before although its not completely cleared from the acne i feel that I look a lot better. My face is no longer swollen and the camels hump on my back is much smaller than it was before. My stomach is a little bit flatter I dont look 7months pregnant anymore and the facial hair and back hair is starting to thin out a lot. My hair is still falling out a little bit but not as much as before. I hope that the next time I go to the doctors they tell me that I have something and not that its not all in my head.

I want to be able to be there for my kids but I just feel so weak sometimes even to help with their homework ... its the worst feeling as a parent not to know weather you will be there the day of tomorrow to watch over them.

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