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Christine's Story

My name is Christine.

I had transphenoidal removal of a pituitary macroadenoma on July 11, 2006. I had remaining tumor growing around my caratid artery that was inoperable. I just had Gamma Knife surgery on December 12, 2007.

My Cushing symptoms have not gone away. I have not lost one pound, still fatigued, still have the stretch marks, still have the hump, etc...My latest is that the left side of my head is numb from the headframe for the gammaknife and doc jsut says, hopefully it will go away with time.

Looking back on my life, I think i can pretty much pinpoint when things began at age 18. I shot up over 50 pounds in one year putting me just over 200. Then the other things started happening, menstruation problems, lil depression here and there, stretch marks, hair loss, muscle weakness, etc...I got diagnosed with polycystic ovarian a couple of years ago and my gyno treated me for that sicne it was similar symptoms (I've since gotten retested for it jsut to reconfirm the diagnosis and yes, I definitely have it). .

He finally go so mad I kept gaining weight after about 3 years of being on meds for polycystic he finally told me to see endo. did several 3 day urine collections and finally an mri giving the tumor diagnosis.

My docs are in NYC, I live in Jersey. I wasn't happy about getting the radiation do what you gotta do right? I'm worried about long term effects a little I suppose, and what damage cushings and the tumor did to me but I try not to harp on it. I just WISH that I had a positive result like some people, have such as the weight loss, return of energy, etc....

I appreciate this site and will admit be a lurker most of the time but I'm happy to accept any emails that are sent to me and any feedback people have on post gamma knife experiences.

I'd really like to meet people in NJ, as I am from Bergen County and it would be nice to meet others near me.

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