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Christal's Story

I just turned 30 in February. Bad timing, to gain 30 pounds.

I have always been really thin, I am tall 5'10 and I have weighed 125-127 pounds my whole life, excecpt when I was pregnant. I have two children ages 6 and 2. I nursed my youngest for one year. When I weaned her, I started experiencing wierd hormonal problems. Bad hot flashes, night sweats and I started having horid insomnia. It was like I had too much adrenalen. I would go days with no sleep. I went to a GP and he put me on ambian. I would sleep a few hours with that, but I would have panic attacks and bad anxiety. He put me on effexor to help that. I fought those things for a year with no weight gain.

In January I noticed I had gained a few pounds. Most people would think it was holiday indulging. I have never fluctuated more than 3 pounds my whole life. With in one month I gained 30 pounds all in my stomach and breasts. I started exercizing like crazy, I walked a mile on tread mill, and low impact areobics.

I have been on very strict diet. I am hungry all the time. In the two months I did this I didnt lost any wieght but gained. I am bloated alot, I feel like I am 4 mths pregnant, we tested for that, but not it. I started searching the internet for my symtoms and this came up. I read the other bios and I felt like I was hearing myself. I did have an MRI done because I have been having blurred vision and bad headaches, but it didnt show anything.

I had my 1st appt with an endo and it was awful. She treated me like I was crazy and that i should just beef up my exercizes and see a nutricionist. She is doing a UFC test, but said that they always come back normal if it is cushings. That is not what I read on this site and am confused. I dont know where to go from here. I cant stand being fat and tired and feeling like Im crazy. I have already spent alot to fell like I did it all because I gained a few pounds.

If this test comes back normal what do I do? Do i wait until I have gained 100 pounds and then do another MRI in the hopes it has gotten bigger?

We only have 2 endos here. where should I go. Please help



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