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Chrissy's Story

When I was in my early 20's I went from about 119 lbs to almost 300 lbs with in a year and a half. I had been suffering fromm depression and was put on medication so the Dr's put the weight gain to my metabolism and depression medication.

I struggled with my weight for many years will my late 20's when I had a conversation with a then neighbor who showed me pictures of her heavy and explained she had a thyroid disease. She suggested I see her Endo. so I did. My symptoms were/are: weight gain mostly around my belly and waist, my face got puffy which comes and goes, red blotches that look like and most likely were stretch marks, a huge hump on my back neck, darkening of my skin under arms and my neck, facial hair, horrible perspiration that seems to come from no where, I always feel achy in my back, shoulder area, joint discomfort, I have a very high anxiety level and high blood pressure. I have trouble sleeping but when I do it is like a drugged sleep, etc... the list goes on and on.

I saw the Endo. Who diagnosed me with Insulin Resistance and PCOS. I have been on Glucophage since. I have always felt something was missed because I dont seem to feel any improvement.

I think maybe I need a second opinion.

Version 2, June 12, 2008

In my early 20's I went from 119 lbs to almost 250 with in a year and a half.

I was told it was probably depression and my metabolism, genetics and a bunch of other things. I have struggled with my weight never being able to saty under 200 lbs for long since. I have a variety of other health issues I have developed which all fall under the symptoms of cushings.

I went to an endo about 7 years ago and was diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS. However, I think there is more to it. I am trying to educate myself and find a Cushings Expert to either rule out or diagnose me with so I can finally understand what is wrong with me.

I am tired of feeling this way. I dont ever expect to be 119 lbs again but just would love to be healthy.

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