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Chris' Story

I'm Chris,Hello to all..up until yesterday when I saw this program about Cushings..I never heard of it.Thanks to the program that sparked me to do some research about it on the internet did I find my way here.

I have been contemplating having bariactic surgery because I just can't get a handle on this weight gain.The doctors tell me just push urself away from the table ( puzzled look on my face)

I have lived in Il, Ind, Va, Az NC..with that all said not one doctor from these places even mentioned the possibilty of Cushings.I was diagnosed & treated for that is known as Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor, which cause one to have excessive hair on face & body, voice change,menses stopped.amongst some other changes.

I thought all these changes were due to Post Tramatic Stress cuz I had lost my husband & son within a year The Dr then said I had had this Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor since puberty & doesn't know why it wasn't detected before ..seeing I had 3 pregnancies.

There have been some other medical problems that have gone undetected also for years.Mind you I am 54 yrs old. I have be diagnosed with MS 14 yrs ago but that was only mentioned by 1 doctor, when I related this to another & others guess it flew over their heads.

I just recently had upper cervical surgery ,& both hips replaced .I guess I am blessed as so far I am not diabetic, nor do I have high blood pressure but then again I could have these.I have an appointment with a neurologist this week.Does one have to see an Endo Doctor for diagnosis of Cushings cuz I haven't had any luck with any dr with much of anything.

For those of you who here who have Cushings & having been diagnosed...,thank you for sharing & reaching out to those of us who don't know

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