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Checklist: Bones

Print these symptoms to take to your doctor to help with your diagnosis. Check off each day that you have observed this symptom. Rank symptoms on a scale of 1 (present, but not bad), 2 (fair), 3 (bad) and 4 (unbearable!). Also helpful to take are any past medical records; pictures of yourself when you were thinner, had more hair, no straie, etc.

Note: Not every patient has every symptom. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself.

This list is a partial checklist of frequently-noticed symptoms. Carefully filling out this checklist and taking it to your medical personnel can be an important first step in getting appropriate testing and the proper medical diagnosis. Please show this to your qualified medical personnel.

Please read the Important Disclaimer.

Because this list is so long, it made for a slow loading page. It is now split into several pages for easier loading.

Body and Skin Heart and blood Thyroid
Bones and Muscles Psychological Men
Eyes Sleep Women
Hair Miscellaneous Children

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Possible Symptoms

First Noticed

Date Date Date Date Date Date Date

Bones and Muscles

Softening of the spine C                
Osteopenia C, PM                
Osteoporosis C, GH-, PM, PR                 
Loss of bone mass, leading to osteoporosis EC                
Osteoarthritis A                 
Carpal tunnel syndrome A                
Enlarging jaw (under bite) A                
Spreading teeth (food gets caught) A                
Enlarging hands (ring size) A                
Enlarging feet (shoe size) A                
Swelling in hands and feet L, S, T                
Enlarging head (hat size) A                
Loss of muscle tone EC                
Proximal muscle weakness C                
Weakness in lower extremities (can't get up from squat, difficulty climbing stairs/difficulty walking), weakness in arms and hands (hand pain, lack of grip) C                
Widespread pain and muscle stiffness, especially on waking F                
Aching, sore joints, muscles and tendons. (may include such problems as carpal tunnel syndrome) PM                
Carpal-tunnel syndrome, tendinitisT                
Joint Stiffness F, RA, S                
Bone, joint and muscle aches, inflammation, and pains C, IBS, L, RA, SJ                
Deformed joints RA                 
Backaches, unexplained rib and spinal column fractures C                
Carpal tunnel syndrome GH+                
Increased tension in muscles PM                
Severe fatigue, weak muscles, lack of energy A, C                
Decreased energy GH-                
Muscle loss GH-                
Muscle weakness A, CFS, F, T                
Numbness or tingling in arms or legs F                
Tingling in the extremities (can also be a symptom of B-12 deficiency, diabetes, or from an alteration in the flexibility of blood vessels. PM                
Pain and/or numbness in the hands                
Raynaud's phenomenon (extreme sensitivity to cold in the
hands and feet)
Pain and tenderness throughout the body                
Feeling of swollen extremities F                

Other Symptoms You Have...

  Possibility of 
A Acromegaly
AD Addison's Disease (Adrenal insufficiency)
AN Acanthosis nigricans
CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
C  Cushing's Disease or Syndrome
CSR Central Serous Retinopathy
CR  Craniopharyngioma
EC Excess Cortisone, naturally occurring or from meds
F Fibromyalgia
GH Growth Hormone
GH- Growth Hormone Deficiency
GH+ Growth Hormone Excess
IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance)
L Lupus
MS Multiple Sclerosis
P PCOS (Stein Leventhal Syndrome)
PM Perimenopause
PR Prolactinoma
RA Rheumatoid Arthritis
Thyroid Disorders

NOTE:  This Checklist´┐Ż is compiled from several sources, both online and offline.

If using this Checklist´┐Ż in another publication, please include a link back to this page, if on the web; or the URL ( in publications; the name Mary Kelly O'Connor, editor and founder of

Please also send an email telling me where the web page or publication may be found.

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