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Charman's Story

After having many falling episodes and really hurting myself, breaking a bone, joining weight watchers in order to lose weight, but just kept putting the pounds on, I finally went to see my doctor. Surprisingly, two years previously I underwent a hysterectomy and I really think that at that time, if the doctors had been on top of it, they would have realized what was going on and perhaps I would not have had to undergo the hysterectomy.

When I finally saw my doctor (she herself had taken a two year hiatus due to cancer) she asked me many questions trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. After that, I heard back from her the next day and she reported to me what her suspicions were, Cushing's Syndrome. She ordered the 72 hr. urinary cortisol test and bingo, I had a positive reading. She then ordered a brain MRI and an abdominal CT scan, as well as referring me to an endocrinologist. Before any of the studies had been done, I saw the endo and as far as I am concerned, he saw a fat lady sitting on the exam table and suggested that my doctor was a bit too hasty in ordering expensive tests. I left the office defeated, but chose to keep the appt. for the MRI as it was scheduled for the next day and I had to go offsite from my HMO as the scanner at my facility would not take my weight (another humiliation). The MRI was done and it came back negative. Because of what the endo mad man had said, I canceled the abdominal CT thinking he was right (what was I thinking?).

Several months had passed and I called my doctor telling her that I was really feeling lousy, lethargic, sleepy, depressed, etc. She encouraged me to follow through with the CT scan and sure enough, the next day I found that I had a right adrenal tumor.

I could go on, but bottom line, I had the surgery and I am not over three years out from surgery. I can actually say, that this month, I have finally begun to feel like myself. Of course, I was never able to lose the weight I had gained so I am still a large woman. I am very limited in movement because of the beating my back did with Cushing's. All in all, I have to say that my cup runneth over and I am truly blessed.

Now, if I could only get rid of this aching back.

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