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Cathy R's Story...

I have has chronic asthmatic bronchitis for over 50 years. I am a 55 year old woman.

Due to the asthma, I have taken a lot of prednison and Kenalog ( an injected longer term acting cortisone). It has weakened my muscles, given me osteoporosis and shrunk my andrenals. Over three years ago I got a flu shot which knocked out the function of the already weakened adrenal glands. I now have extremely low functioning adrenals and have been diagnosed with secondary addison's disease. I take 0.1 mg. of florineff daily and take 7 mg. of prednisone every other day.

It is hoped that by not taking the prednisone on the "off prednisone day, it will help the adrenal gland come back. I was just retested and found that the adrenal gland is still functioning very poorly.

I am happily married with two grown daughters.

It is my hope that through the chat room, etc. I can find out more ways to help improve my energy level, which is usually very low.

Cathy Robbins

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