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Carolina's Story

My name is Carolina, I am from Chile and I am 33 years old. As a small and poor country there is no organizations to provide help support to people with Cushing. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, by luck.

I had been treated for bipolar disorder, cushing's started on me very deep in psiquiatric symptons. I had been used all kind of meds, treatments, i was in a mental institution, loose my job, my marriage, everything. It was a nightmare, but one day one medicine gave me an alergy on my skin and an endocrinologist that is friend of my mom saw me, and he told me that the streches, the moon face, fat and psychiatric symtons could be Cushing's Disease and he sarted to tested me. I has to do the tests 3 times, because the meds that I was taken for my phsychiatric problems don't aloud to test my cortisol levels in the right way.

Finally, I had an MRI and I had a tumor on my pituitary. I had a surgery to remove it in UVA Health System (Univesity of VIrginia). I prefered to do this surgery out of my country, because over here there are no enough experience in this kind of surgery. The surgery was on February, 2007. Now I am on recovery and finishing the period of time with hidrocortisone and florinef. I feel much better, finally living reality, changing my way of life, moving to a small and beautiful city in the south of Chile, trying to keep my life simple.

Recently I found this site and it has been very supportive to me. Thank you all for your comments, advices, and everything.

Good luck

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