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Carmela's Story

I have had problems with my weight for all of my life.

When I was about 9 years old my skin started darkening and I just thought that I was practicing poor hygeine. Countless doctors explained me away as just being a fat kid and that I should try to lose weight, despite me and my mother telling the docs that she cooked healthy meals (baked and bolied foods...almost NEVER fried or fast food!!!!!!) I was but on restricted diets as low as 500 calories per day with no significant weight fact I kept getting bigger and bigger.

The year after graduation from high school is when my periods became very irregular alternating between nonexistant and once every two months. I started feeling fatigued in my early twenties and finally, I went to a doctor who took one look at my symptoms and lab workups (ACTH is over 100 (113)normal for that lab was 0-46 and symptoms too numerous to list as I am a textbook case for Cushings) and diagnosed me with Cushings almost 3 weeks ago.

I have lost much mobility since my legs are weak and am now losing strength in my arms and back.

I am now 28 years old and have an appointment with my endo tomorrow 7/31/03. I hope I can end this torment soon.

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