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Carl's Story

I was diagnosed with Cushing's ...going on 2 years ago. I have had it for about 8 years though, nobody ever figured out that that's what was wrong with me. I am 20 now and it really made things hard growing up. I gained weight and did terrible in school. I was very smart, and had a very high IQ ...I just couldn't pay attention or just ever feel good enough to do the work. I would stare off into space...and my mind would rush at a thousand miles a hour. I became an artist at a very early age... and proved to be a creative genius... I love people but am often greatly annoyed by people.. and it is easy for me to feel alone. Things seem to affect me 5 times worse than everyone else... and I can't handle any stress. If its not easy going ... I start to really have a prob.

Last year...I had surgery to remove a tumor on my pituitary... (thank god it wasn't cancer) but it did not cure me. Very soon I will be going back to have more surgery and they will cut a whole section out of my gland. The doctor is very good and I just "feel" right about him and he really cares about me... his name is "Christopher Clare". Dr Clare can be found at "Peidmont Hospital" in Atlanta GA . I am still going to him now.

The only reason why I was not cured is because I have a very stubborn case. I feel like too many people just blow people off that have Cushing's... things are very very hard to do when you have it... and its too easy to just give up. People should really try to understand what we go through and realize that we are sometimes doing good to just be talking to them. In my case I suffer from mild psychosis and have to sleep off my "weirdness" times...everything gets sort of out of focus and surreal...after I wake up after maybe 24 hours ...I most of the time feel better but sometimes...even that does not help. If anyone else wants to talk to me out there... feel free to... I'm not so crazy that I cant talk to anyone :)

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