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Candy's Story...

Hey there, after reading so many stories, I thought I'd add my own.

I became clued in that there was something seriously wrong with me and found out I was pregnant within the same month. I had really struggled with my weight, but I was never fat. I would work out constantly, barely eat, etc. I was a middle school science teacher and always racked up my fatigue to teaching crazy pubescent kids. I dieted and worked out hard for 7 months before I got married, to lose a whopping 5 pounds.

After we got back from the honeymoon, I finally relaxed and gained 15 pounds in a month. My husband is a scientist and he bitched and bitched at me to go to the doctor because he thought there had to be something wrong with me. He had never seen a person work out as much as me and keep gaining weight.

So, I went to get my thyroid checked and the doc suggested checking my cortisol level, I hadn't ever heard of it at that time. It came back extremely high. He sent me to an Endo who was sure I didn't have Cushing's but did tests on me anyway. They all came back positive.

I had stopped taking the pill during this time, thinking that might have something to do with the weight gain. Although I had been on the pill for 15 years during all the testing I realize I'm pregnant! Anyway, testing stopped, I did get a MRI while I was preggo and you could see the tumor.

The pregnancy was miserable. I was huge, I think I was about 230, I'm 5ft 4in. I was nauseated the whole time, my face became even rounder, the hump, bigger, etc. it sucked, bottom line. I stopped working, I couldn't do it anymore. Last May I had a beautiful healthy boy. In July I had surgery at UCLA with Dr Kelly, I was out of there in 3 days.

7 months later I am down to 160. I go to the gym every day. I feel like I drank a bottle of really cheap champagne when I wake up every morning. But it is slowly become less awful in the morning. I have a lot of knee aches, especially in the middle of the night, weird quick sharp head pains, which my pituitary endo does not know why I have them, and other great things still. But I am lucky! I think I caught this thing early on when I read all the other bios.

I was really stressed not being able to find anyone who knew anything about being pregnant with Cushing's! So if there is anyone out there who is pregnant--- hang in there, you can have a healthy baby! I hope to be off the prednisone soon! All you people are studs for dealing with this. Never give up!

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